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Xilinx is known as the inventor of the FPGA, programmable SoCs and the ACAP. What else can you tell us about the company?

Many programmers see themselves as artists – of a sort. Computer Weekly investigates what it means to be a modern software.

In a discussion with TheStreet, CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince talked at length about his company’s R&D efforts and.

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The pandemic has exposed persistent inefficiencies in law firms’ traditional ways of working, which look increasingly out of.

Xbox Series X silicon: the Hot Chips 2020 breakdown – Microsoft took part in the Hot Chips 2020 symposium to deliver its now traditional console silicon breakdown, this time.

The principal engineer who worked on CPUs from the Pentium III to Core i7 says Intel has lost focus, and it’s "lucky" AMD can’t make enough CPUs to do more damage.

After its start in that building, the company went on to develop two more centers locally, and has since expanded nationally.

Andrew Brown introduces ExamPro, a sophisticated study platform that helps people pass cloud certification exams.