The Sea Cleaners

Ocean Habitats, a company known for installing artificial reefs, is making a splash to help our water and the creatures in it.

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Ordnance Survey puts the start of the Thames at Trewsbury Mead. Depending on rainfall, a stream will appear between the.

The annual four-state effort to remove trash from the 410-mile Connecticut River is still going on this year, but with some.

An enzyme made by bacteria living on seaweed is being used to make environmentally-friendly laundry detergents. Scientists.

The abundance of skate, bass, cuttlefish and john dory in Lyme Bay speaks for itself – the sea-bed’s recovery has been rapid.

River conservancy hosting Source to Sea Cleanup – The Connecticut River Conservancy is hosting their 24th annual Source to Sea Cleanup throughout the month of September.

By early June, emissions had mostly returned to the levels of the same period in 2019, a UN report found.

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During a cleanup programme in 2019 more than 25 tonnes of plastic were removed from the remote atoll of Aldabra, Seychelles -.